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    Applications for WLSEF grants are accepted from September through October of each school year.

    For information about outside funding, click HERE!
  • Many of our West Lafayette teachers and schools are seeking grant funds throughout the school year. If you are looking for outside grants or funding sources for your project, contact us! The Foundation offers resources for teachers or administrators interested in applying for outside grants.

    WLSEF Teacher Grants In Action

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    Grants from WLSEF to West Lafayette teachers have helped to support innovative and unique projects throughout our schools. Katie Dodds, a 4th grade teacher at Happy Hollow Elementary, received funding in 2014 for her project, Keeping Student Learning on Track: Using Race Cars and other Hands-on Activities to Reinforce Concepts about Motion. Katie writes, “At the end of our science unit on motion, my students had a much better understanding of the many scientific terms discussed such as relative motion, reference point, velocity, force, friction, drag, and thrust…The students were eager to start science each day, and I was just as excited to teach while using these materials.”

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